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1st pic ** This pipe is garden reticulation pipe. It’s very thin and pliable. The connectors are shown below the pipe.
2nd pic ** There is NO glue needed as the connectors have a lip on them as shown.
3rd pic ** These pieces are the top and bottom of the atom.
4th pic ** Inside part of the atom.  It’s just 4 pieces of pipe with a cross connector holding them together.  Cut the pipe longer then you need and trim it to fit when the top and bottom of the atom are connected together as shown in pic 5.
5th pic ** Here’s the top and bottom of the atom clicked together. (I left some undone to make it easier to see how they click together).
Reticulation Pipe (Polyethylene Pipe) -
Can be found at a Garden Supply Store
Sisal for wrapping

NOTE:  Lengths of Pipe--
Outside Diameter - 310mm
Inside Center - 200mm
Approx finished size of atom 400mm Diameter
400mm is approx 16 inches
310mm is about 12”
6th pic ** This is with the centre part in place.
(I left 2 connectors out so it could be seen clearly) .
Wrap in sisal and hang.
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