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2. Next, I took 1 cup of Brown's Spicy Santa Fe, 1 cup of ZuPreem large parrot FruitBlend pellets (both purchased at PetsMart), and 1 cup Higgins Netherlands Seed Mix. I placed all three cups in a flat glass pan and mixed in 6 egg whites with the shell.  ***
(Save a small amount of egg whites to brush on before placing it into the oven.)

***Use egg shells at your own discretion!!
1. Begin with wooden spoons and eye screws (optional). I found a pack of four spoons for a $1 at  Dollar Tree.
Screw in the eye screws.
3. After mixing the egg whites, shells, and seed/pellet mixture together, I placed the spoons on a foil covered cookie sheet (spray Pam on the sheet first). I covered the spoons with the mixture, then gently bushed on the remainder of the egg whites. I placed the pan in an 200 degree electric oven for 2 1/2 hours.
4. Let it completely cool, then remove from pan. It's ready to serve.
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J. Kaye’s Wood Spoon Treats

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