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Below are a few links dealing with safety.  Please keep in mind when surfing the ‘net, you will find conflicting information.  
CPTT neither endorses nor disputes the information provided below.  It’s being  provided as a public service to our members.
We hope that you’ll find it useful.
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Safety Links
Please keep in mind that NO toy is ever 100% safe.  Only YOU know your bird’s play habits.  
The toy ideas and instructions listed on this site have been made by faithful human servants and used and enjoyed by their fids.
Please use common sense when making any toys for your birds.  What is safe for one bird is not necessarily safe for another.  Please check your toys daily for wear and tear and replace if need be. Always supervise your bird, especially when introducing a new toy.
We are not a safety list!  We are not responsible for any accidents that may occur.  

Above all, use common sense at all times.